About me

Since 2003 I have worked as a translator and proofreader. My background includes extensive industry experience, a master’s degree in professional translation from the University of Gothenburg and four years of study and work in France and England.

Literature translation

I have extensive experience of literature translation for several of Sweden’s largest publishing houses and I have translated the famous ‘5:2 Diet’ by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, as well as Michael Mosley’s other books. I translate everything from biographies to books about health, diet and lifestyle. Under Translated books you can find all the published books that I have translated.


I can help you with translations from French and English into Swedish. I have extensive experience in translating marketing and editorial texts, for example brochures, customer mailings, web content, customer magazines, press releases and many more. I’m a meticulous translator with happy clients. My translations are always thorough and convey the original text with fluency.


I am an experienced proofreader with a keen eye for detail. With previous experience as a proofreading manager at a translation agency I can help you with the proofreading of Swedish translations or original texts.